World Cricket League 5

World Cricket League 5 gets under way tomorrow (Saturday) and begins a hectic week with 6 matches to be played in 8 days for each side with the top 2 going through to World Cricket League 4 in Los Angeles and the bottom 3 being relegated.

The fixtures across the 3 grounds are (all games start at 11am):

Date Grainville Farmers Field FB Field
Saturday 21 May Jersey vs Oman Tanzania vs Nigeria Guernsey vs Vanuatu
Sunday 22 May Jersey vs Vanuatu Guernsey vs Tanzania Nigeria vs Oman
Monday 23 May Reserve Day
Tuesday 24 May Nigeria vs Guernsey Vanuatu vs Oman Jersey vs Tanzania
Wednesday 25 May Oman vs Tanzania Jersey vs Guernsey* Nigeria vs Vanuatu
Thursday 26 May Reserve Day
Friday 27 May Vanuatu vs Tanzania Jersey vs Nigeria* Oman vs Guernsey
Saturday 28 May 1st vs 2nd 3rd vs 4th 5th vs 6th

* For Jersey vs Guernsey (Wednesday) and Jersey vs Nigeria (Friday) both at Farmers, there will be a Bar and BBQ for you to enjoy whilst watching the games.

Why not pop along and support Jersey and the 4 Farmers named in the Jersey squad, Chuggy Perchard, Ben Kynman, Ben Stevens and Rhys Palmer.