Farmers Cricket Club Welfare Policy & Practice

December 5th 2016

Farmers Cricket Club Welfare Policy and Practice

Dear Member/Parent

You are likely to be aware of recent adverse press coverage on child abuse in sport. Following discussion amongst the Farmers Cricket Club Management Committee we felt it was our responsibility to reassure you as a club member or parent, that we have always and will always follow ‘best practice’ by adopting or exceeding recommended guidelines. These requirements cover all aspects of the cricket club.

Full details of policy and practice are contained in the club’s policies section which is available on our website, see here.

The following summary may help to explain how we address this responsibility:
– Welfare is the responsibility of the Management Committee which is required to approve policy and to appoint a Welfare Officer, who is a full committee member, with authority to manage all welfare issues and report to Committee members.
– Policy reflects the requirements of the relevant sporting bodies and practical issues such as safety, use of dressing room facilities, cameras and social media. Policy is continually reviewed and regularly updated on the advice of the Welfare Officer.
– As well as approving policy updates the Management Committee is required to support the Welfare Officer and become the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Welfare Officer through high availability presence (for example Jim Perchard as club groundsman, club captains and Paul Kemp who provides an important link in the introduction of juniors to adult cricket).
– All Farmers CC Coaches including the Welfare Officer undergo a Disclosure and Baring Service check (police check)
– I am sure most are aware, I am the Farmers CC current Welfare Officer. My career is established within Healthcare and I currently work for the Islands, Health & Social Services Department. I can be contacted in confidence on 07797735739. Should I not be around, club captains are always available.

It is a sad reflection on society today that a tiny minority of persons choose to access sports clubs in order to abuse and seek the most vulnerable. The purpose of this briefing given the current national media interest is to reassure you, whether you are a Farmers CC member or parent that we want and will maintain a safe environment for all our members to enjoy their cricket.

In February 2015 the Farmers Cricket Club was very proud to be the first cricket club in Jersey to be awarded ‘Jersey Clubmark status’. This award recognised that our Club has met high standards in club management, member’s safety, quality coaching and competition and meets the requirements for off-island travel. These are all very important attributes of a successful club but recognizes our commitment to the importance of safe welfare practice.

Best wishes


Gary Kynman

Farmers Cricket Club – Welfare Officer
Sent on behalf of the Farmers Cricket Club Management Committee